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  • At RMI we cannot emphasize enough the importance of buying a product from a company and people who truly care about the products they produce. We are a company that understands our name goes on every product we sell and our name means everything to us. With your purchase of our equipment you will see immediately how serious we are about quality.
  • Robotic Water Bottle Loader
  • Water Bottle Leak Detector and Sniffer
  • RMI Water has redefined the concept of high-speed flexible rack load and un-load systems and complete bottle water systems. We have over 25 years of experience and have developed expert working knowledge of the can and bottle industries. This has been a driving force in providing innovation and technology to the bottled water industry.
  • RMI offers the option to integrate your line with Fanuc or ABB robots. Upon request, it can also integrate other manufacturers of robots as well. In the end, our goal is your complete satisfaction. If you wish to remain with the brand you may already have present in your factory, we will collaborate with you to make your requirements a reality.