RMI Products

Our engineers can help to create a one off prototype piece of conveyor, or meet your standard needs to help maximize your plants current line configuration, with a goal to streamline production and create optimal efficiencies in either the short or long term.

RMI has developed a wide range of products in a number of industries.

Our products

• Modernize and streamline operations
• Help reach maximum efficiencies
• Provide proven results of reduced costs and increased profits for our customers.

Although our beginnings stem from contracting in industries located in the Central Valley, we now have a developed portfolio of a number of solutions specifically designed for the bottled water industry. Our success in this industry has led us to installations of our products around the world.

Success in the Bottled Water Industry drove us into other industries such as the Dairy market. Our partnership with Green Source Automation led to our first development, automation of two critical processes in the milking system. During this process we have also come to develop and now market a number of other products in order to maximize the Dairy Farmers effectiveness with a goal of reducing their costs and increasing their bottom line. Our latest endeavor was the development of the RECON sanitation solution machine that we now distribute to the Western United States licensed by our partner Recon Industries.