Engineering and Design

Ram Mechanical, Inc. engineering department prides itself on being a leader in designing custom automation systems. With years of experience and education our engineers create a design that is specifically tailored to meet and exceed the clients expectations. RMI engineers are fully knowledgeable of various automated system applications and work toward simplifying the rigorous demands placed on your company. RMI’s engineers are disciplined in mechanical engineering, mechanical design, and electrical design. They work together as a team to complete any job in a timely manner. RMI engineers are fully trained and certified in using the latest technology in design software such as SolidWorks, Cosmos, and AutoCAD to create and test every phase of a design.

RMI engineers strive to effectively design our equipment with simplicity (fewer moving parts) in mind but fully handle the request of the client efficiently and prove a long service life. It is this basic designing principle that RMI engineers adhere by. The integrity of RMI engineers has built an outstanding track record that our clients have come to trust.

High quality, low maintenance solutions