DESIGN AND BUILD - Material Handling


Material Handling

RMI’s Engineering Dept. can integrate and deliver unique material handling solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Separating Threshold (need to have) from Objective (like to have) requirements, we tailor both robotic and mechanical handling systems that meet your requirements at competitive life cycle costs while providing options for system enhancement. We collaborate with our robotic and mechanical equipment alliance partners. Just a few of the products we can handle are:

  • Palletizing (e.g. cases, trays, large sacks)
  • Food stuffs (e.g. blocks of cheese, lettuce)
  • Machine tending (e.g. automotive & truck parts, metal forming)
  • Sealant application (e.g. automotive, electronics)
  • Material work station transfer (e.g. electronic assembly, paper plants, machine assembly)